Paul Hartman

“With me, mortgage financing is a people business, not a numbers game.”

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Paul Hartman
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About Paul Hartman

By attending my closings, I have learned to manage my business following these three basic principles:

  1. Honesty. The truth never changes. My clients get that from me from initial contact to their last payment on their loans.
  2. Helpfulness. The mortgage process has become complex and full of regulations. You’ll promptly get the right answers.
  3. Confidentiality. Your personal business is yours alone. I’ll see to keeping it that way.

You do not want hype. You want answers and not the “product of the day.” The best loan for you is the one that fits your plans. Lake Michigan Credit Union gives me the best products, tools and pricing, so that I can concentrate on helping you.

Your satisfaction at closing lets me know that you see me as your mortgage expert and that you will refer others to LMCU and me. I would be honored to help you with all your home financing needs.