Our Story

Core values and responsibilities

The principles of PRIDE
You’ll enjoy a rewarding, professional environment where you’ll be encouraged to innovate and excel. We are committed to your empowerment as an employee, providing ongoing training, support and opportunities to achieve your career goals. We pledge to be respectful of you and your ideas. We bring passion to our jobs every day, striving to be the kind of dependable professionals who can be counted upon to perform at the highest levels.

Serving communities

Giving back through success and support
Lake Michigan Credit Union’s success is a direct result of the support and acceptance of the communities in which we do business. We feel it is our duty and obligation to do whatever we can to sustain and improve our home communities.


Making a mark. Making it count.

Windmill Island Playground
Teaming up with carpenter and HGTV host Carter Oosterhouse, we helped build a remarkable kids’ playground in Holland. We assisted with funding and elbow grease, completing the project in May, 2013.

Lloyd F. Hutt Scholarship
Annual scholarship awards $2,000 to eight deserving high school seniors. Applicants enter an essay contest, submitting a 750-2000 word paper that answers a specific theme question.

Children’s Hospital Funding
Every June, LMCU establishes a fundraiser to benefit area children’s hospitals. Support icons and wrist bracelets are sold, with every dollar raised going to the direct benefit of children specific programs.

Disaster Relief
When communities are dealt harsh blows, LMCU often lends a hand, In 2013, fundraising efforts were launched to benefit survivors of the Sandy Hook shootings and those harmed in the devastating Moore, Oklahoma tornado.

One Pencil Project
In an appreciative nod to our educational roots, this project helps local teachers, students and school districts hit hard by budgetary cutbacks. It provides basic school supplies to teachers who would otherwise dip into their own pockets to fill the gap between what’s provided, and what’s actually needed.