Community Relations FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Community Relations at LMCU?
It’s a strategic effort by Lake Michigan Credit Union designed to serve as a strong community influence, giving back in a variety of ways to the communities we serve.

In what areas/events does LMCU focus their giving efforts?
While LMCU focuses on the areas of education and health, we examine and consider each request on an individual basis.

How can I request assistance from LMCU for donations, sponsorship or volunteerism opportunities?
Complete the LMCU Community Request Form and send it to CommunityRelations@lmcu.org.

How soon will my organization receive a decision?
Final decisions on donations/sponsorships are variable based on the size and timing of the request, and could take four to six weeks to process.

Who reviews sponsorship/donations applications sent to LMCU?
The Community Relations team provides the initial review of all requests. The Sponsorship & Donation Committee, consisting of members of LMCU’s senior leadership team, provides strategic guidance within the process where needed.

Do I need to send any additional information in with my community request?
LMCU will need a W-9 tax form for any organization that it supports financially via sponsorships and donations.

Can I submit multiple community requests?
Yes, you can. While we do take into account previous donations we’ve given to organizations, having received one donation from LMCU does not mean we won’t contribute again.

How do I form a strategic community partnership with LMCU?
LMCU forms partnerships based on mutual interest. Contact CommunityRelations@lmcu.org to learn more.

Will LMCU promote outside fundraising efforts within its branches?
LMCU hosts a variety of internally-led fundraising campaigns throughout the year, and are not considering external campaigns at this point.

Will LMCU promote my event in their newsletter?
This medium is not used to promote individual events, as it is primarily used to highlight key products and services for its members.

Does the Community Relations department utilize college interns?
Yes, we do! Please check our Careers page as we hire interns for fall, spring and summer semesters.