One Pencil Project Wraps Up

Grand Rapids, Michigan (October 15, 2018)

Another One Pencil Project is in the books, and this year, Lake Michigan Credit Union gave away 3,055 bags chocked full of school supplies to teachers across West Michigan.

Paper, pens, pencils, little erasers shaped like dinosaurs…whatever teachers asked for, the LMCU community answered. Members donated supplies and even gave cash to help 3,000 teachers from Michigan and Florida prepare for another school year.

At LMCU, we want to thank all of our members who stepped up and donated to this year’s One Pencil Project. Because the real story is what happens next: the art projects, English papers, and A-plus-plusses that will adorn refrigerators through-out West Michigan thanks to your donations.

Helping Michigan teachers is nothing new for LMCU. Founded in 1933 to help out-of-work teachers make ends meet, we’ve grown into one of the largest financial institutions in Michigan with over 410,000 members. Employing a staff of over 1,200, LMCU’s assets exceed $5.8 billion, with a mortgage serviced portfolio of over $10 billion. LMCU has 53 convenient branch locations overall, including ten in southwest Florida. LMCU members have access to over 55,000 AllPoint ATMs worldwide. LMCU provides a full-range of financial services, from high interest-bearing checking accounts to personal loans, mortgages, investments and commercial banking. And yet, with all of this growth, our commitment to helping Michigan’s teachers will never waiver.