Wallet Wisdom Episode 14: Builders, Design Trends, and Financing

Ever thought of building your own home, but not sure where to begin? Join Brett and Lo as they welcome back LMCU's VP of Mortgage Production, Meg Dunn, and two other special guests to help explain the what, where, and how of building your dream home. Listen now

About the podcast
Welcome to Wallet Wisdom, presented by Lake Michigan Credit Union. Wallet Wisdom helps breakdown the in's & out's of financial aspects and bring answers to some of banking's more confusing & complex questions. At LMCU, our members trust us with their homes, earnings, and financial wellness. We take that trust very seriously. Wallet Wisdom is our way of helping our listeners better understand the financial world and how it relates to you. Each episode features a new topic, and expert commentary from our guest financial experts. Also, be sure to stick around for the whole episode, as we play 'Smarter than the Show Trivia' where we test our financial nerds in pop culture trivia! The stakes? Winnings go back to the communities and charities you care about.