Online Banking - Technical

  • How do I recover my password?

    • Your password can be recovered by clicking on "Recover it now" under "Forgot Password?".You can also contact our Member Services Department at 800-242-9790 x 9910. They are available Mon-Fri from 8AM to 11PM and Sat from 9AM to 1PM. Our LiveChat service is available Mon-Thurs from 9AM to 5:30PM and Fri from 9AM to 6PM.
  • I am asked to re-register but I already registered

    • There are two buttons that you can click on to access Online Banking. The first button is "Re-Register" - that button is used if this is your first time accessing our website since 08/21/2017. You should only click on this option the first time you access so that you can re-register your password.The second button is "Proceed to site" - this button is to be used once your account has been re-registered. You can click on "Proceed to site" and will then be prompted to enter your username
  • I have to enter an access code at each login

    • When you re-registered, did you select that your computer or device was public or private? If you selected public, then it will ask you to choose from three methods of contact to receive an access code to allow you to login.If the device you are using to login with is private, simply select that the device is private on your next login and enter the access code. Here are scenarios of when you would continue to be asked for an access code:-Your browser has cookies turned off (cookies must be enabled for our system to recognize your device as private)-Cookies are being deleted after each login (we use cookies to authenticate your device so deleting cookies will continue to prompt for an access code as our system does not recognize that device)-Cookies have a 1 year lifespan, once expired, the system has to re-authenticate you-Account specific actions such as changing a password, username, or getting locked out of online banking
  • My security image is different

    • When you login for the first time after our Online Banking upgrade, you will notice that your security image is not what you had before. That is because all images were deleted and randomly generated again. To change your image, please login and go to the 'Profile' tab then choose 'User Profile'. Yu can click on 'Change Login Image' to update your image.