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 How are online payments delivered?

 How long does it take before my payment is received?

 I cannot access Bill Pay. I am being re-directed to the "Access Bill Pay" page.

 Is Bill Pay secure?

 What if I have a payment scheduled to go out on May 15th?

 What is Bill Pay?

 When will this change go live?

 Where can I find answers to some of my Bill Pay questions?

 Where will Bill Pay be inside of Online Banking?

 Who can I call for help regarding Bill Pay?

 Who can I pay with Bill Pay?

 Why are you changing Bill Pay? How will this affect me? What will be different?

 Will I be able to view my old Bill Pay history?

 Will I need to notify any of my payees?

 Will my payees transfer over?

 Will recurring payments continue?

 Will the Bill Pay monthly fee change?