Pay less: Less interest, fees and time spent shopping around.

Nobody likes paying more than necessary for anything. And that’s the whole idea behind Lake Michigan Credit Union. You'll pay less for your mortgage, your auto or boat loan, and your credit card. It’s pretty simple actually.

Pay less for your home.

Even a small home is a big deal. It’s often your biggest asset and biggest monthly expense. With LMCU, you pay less when you refinance, buy a home, or establish a home equity loan. With our low rates and low down payments, your home sweet home can be even sweeter.

Pay less for your car, boat or RV.

Whether you want to finance a new family car, RV, motorcycle or that boat you’ve been dreaming of, we can help. We provide loans with a variety of term lengths at highly competitive rates.

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New/used auto as low as
  • Available for new and used vehicles
  • Finance cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, watercraft, ATVs and RVs
  • Credit life and disability insurance coverage available
  • And more benefits!

Pay less for your credit card.

Our Prime Platinum VISA is rated one of the best low fee credit cards in the nation by Kiplinger's Personal Finance. If you carry a balance, this is the card for you.

Pay less for whatever.

As a credit union, and not a bank, we don't impose all of the massive fees and charges that banks often do. We have over 55,000 free ATMs through the Allpoint Network. We let you skip a loan payment when you need to, and when we have to charge a fee, we keep it reasonable, and communicate it clearly. That could be why more of your family, friends and neighbors are joining LMCU, and why you should too.


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