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Finances are confusing. We can help.

Our number one goal is serving our members. With our helpful tools and resources, members can gain financial confidence and make informed financial decisions. Life happens fast, and paying off debt, choosing the best financial products and services, and tackling major life goals, like buying a house and saving for retirement, are just some of the stops along the way. Because it’s one thing to say we are here to help. It’s another thing to…well, do it.

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Financial education with everfi

It’s one more way we’re helping you be healthy, wealthy, and wise. Click below to explore our library full of interactive learning tools to help you navigate your current finances and plan for your financial future.

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Wallet Wisdom Podcast

Our Wallet Wisdom podcast helps our listeners better understand the financial world and explore the wide range of options available to help achieve your financial goals. Each episode features a new, timely topic and featured expert guest.

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LMCU wallet wisdom blog

Our blog provides financial education and information to help our members live their best financial lives. With topics ranging from everyday spending to long-term financial planning, we’re sure you’ll find something valuable here to help you achieve financial wellness.

Wallet Wisdom Blog

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