Health & Disability

Protecting your health and ability to work are just as important as protecting your physical belongings. The ability to weather a medical crisis or chronic condition profoundly affects your quality of life. Medical bills, loss of income and nursing home or rehab costs are just some of the major issues insurance is designed to address.

It’s a delicate balancing act to adequately cover your risks, while not over-insuring. Our staff of professional risk managers will thoroughly analyze your situation to identify vulnerabilities. They’ll create insurance packages designed to manage your risk effectively and affordably, throughout every stage of your life.

Disability Income

One of your most valuable assets is the ability to work and earn an income. Becoming sick or injured is a threat to your ability to keep bills paid and maintain your standard of living.

  • Replaces lost income if you get sick or suffer an injury that prevents you from working
  • Choose from flat rate or percentage-of-income plans

Long Term Care

Health insurance only goes so far. If you or a family member needs long-term care due to advanced age, extended illness or permanent disability, the costs can be devastating.

  • Protects your assets
  • More control over care decisions
  • Supplements SS or SSI benefits

Medicare Supplements

Medicare provides extensive insurance and medical benefits, but it doesn’t pay all health care costs. Supplemental insurance helps cover what Medicare does not.

  • Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans available.
  • Coverage helps offset non-covered expenses
  • Expert advice to help choose the right coverage

Short-term Medical

These health plans are designed to bridge gaps in coverage for individuals and families in times of transition.

  • Between jobs or health plans
  • Young adult who no longer qualifies for their parent's insurance
  • Early retiree waiting for Medicare

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