We recognize the significant role that life insurance plays in ensuring the financial future of your family. Armed with the latest information and a comprehensive range of product offerings, LMIA’s team of risk management specialists can help build a protection plan that’s simple, secure and affordable.

Term Life Insurance

This is perhaps the most popular and affordable kind of health insurance. It provides the means to pay off debts and supports family members in the event of premature death.

  • Pays a specified death benefit
  • Available for terms of 10, 15, 20, or 30 years
  • Physical exam may be required for high-value policies

Permanent Life Insurance

This kind of policy has a cash value that increases over time like a savings account. Policy choices include whole life and universal life insurance products.

  • Higher cost than a term life policy
  • Premiums fund a cash value account
  • Physical exam usually required

Simplified Life Insurance

This form of life insurance can be purchased after answering basic medical questions. That’s why it’s called Simplified. It’s a good option for the healthy, but you may be declined if you have chronic medical conditions.

  • Rates remain unchanged for the duration of policy term
  • Typically does not require a physical exam

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