Retiring or losing group coverage? Heading toward a milestone birthday…your 65th? Congratulations! That also means you’re going to need to make some decisions about your Medicare coverage.

LMIA makes a real difference. We’ll help you make sense of everything. Our Medicare experts know these plans from top to bottom and will make recommendations based on your individual circumstances.

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a US government health insurance program that covers a broad range of medical procedures, treatments, and equipment. But it doesn’t cover everything. It requires deductibles, co-insurance, and additional prescription coverage. These expenses can be significant. But there are ways to cover yourself against additional costs.

You’re eligible for Medicare enrollment three months prior to your 65th birthday month. Plans include Medicare Supplement (often called “Medigap”) and Medicare Advantage plans. These are supplemental insurance coverage plans you purchase to cover shortfalls in traditional Medicare insurance.

It gets complicated…There are many plans from which to choose. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The difficult part lies in determining which plan best fits your life, health, and financial status. Plans are available through a number of insurance carriers.

A few things to consider:

  • Can I keep my current doctor?
  • What about prescriptions?
  • Does it matter if I have a pre-existing condition?
  • How do I find someone I can trust?

Retirement is a rewarding time of life, but it can also be complex. Count on Lake Michigan Insurance Agency to help protect you during your retirement years.

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