Security Center

Nothing's more valuable than peace of mind.

You trust us with your money, and we take that responsibility to heart. We use a variety of security tools to keep your information safe. Find out more about:

What we do

To ensure that your data is protected, we have implemented multiple safeguards that meet or exceed required regulations to not only protect your money, but your personal information as well.

  • Multi-factor authentication

    When you sign in for the first time or with a device we don’t recognize, as well as if your tracking cookie has expired or you’ve recently changed your password, we’ll ask you for your username and password. A temporary identification code will then be sent to you via phone, email, or text message. Once you enter this temporary identification code on the login screen, we’ll sign you securely into your accounts. An LMCU representative will never ask you for this temporary code.

  • Mobile authenticator

    The mobile authenticator sends a unique, time-based, one-time passcode to your LMCU mobile app.* This passcode takes the place of your usual password when logging into LMCU’s Online Banking. Since the authenticator passcode is randomly generated on the spot and expires after a short period, it’s an added security layer.

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  • Suspicious activity monitoring

    Your account activity is regularly monitored for potential fraud. If something doesn’t match your normal spending pattern, it is flagged and may be followed up with a phone call to make sure the transaction is legitimate.

    If we can't reach you, we might place a temporary hold on your online activity to make sure it's you and not someone else using your account. If that happens, call us right away to confirm your account activity so you can start using your online and mobile access again.

    If you suspect fraud on your account, or if you have compromised any confidential account information, please notify us immediately at (800) 242-9790.

  • State-of-the-art technologies

    Encryption technology
    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology emerged as the industry standard for securing data while it travels across the Internet. SSL is used worldwide in online stores, credit unions, banks, and on all other websites where information from an individual needs to be kept confidential.

    We use 128-bit encryption technology to protect your username, password, and other personal account information when you're using our site or apps. You'll know your information is encrypted when the page you're on starts with "https://" and you see a lock symbol in your web browser.

    SSL provides:

    • Confidentiality: your information is confidential through the encryption or scrambling process.
    • Integrity: if someone were to intercept your LMCU account information, it would not decrypt properly.
    • Authentication: Lake Michigan Credit Union has been certified with one or more secure certificates from Entrust to communicate with you, the member, with SSL technology. Digital certificates act as a digital ID that confirms users or computers are authentic. These certificates are utilized to add security to our Home Banking and our Online Membership Application.

    WebApp firewall
    Your data is protected by numerous firewalls to help prevent unauthorized access to our network, and LMCU monitors these firewalls to prevent security breaches.

    We use the CloudFlare framework for monitoring the flow of traffic into our websites to detect/deter unwanted traffic from our systems and deter malicious bot attacks.

  • Session timeouts

    If your account has no activity for 20 minutes, the system will log itself off and will require you to reenter your User ID and Password to access the account again.

    Every time you sign in to online or mobile banking, we display the date and time of your last successful sign in.

  • Secure messages

    Our secure message center within Online Banking and the LMCU mobile app allows you to have your account-related questions answered securely and privately.

    You can also send a secure message directly through our website.

  • NCUA insured

    The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) provides insurance so that credit union members will recoup up to $250,000 per qualifying account if a federally insured credit union goes under.

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  • Our employees

    Our corporate code of conduct is our commitment to supporting the integrity and ethical standards we expect from our employees. The code includes specific guidelines about how we expect employees to protect confidential information (including your account and personal information), as well as guidelines to limit our employees' access to your confidential information and restrict how we use and share information for certain processes and transactions.

  • Our business practices

    We regularly review our business practices to make sure they follow the policies and procedures we created to protect your confidential information. You can review our Privacy Policy here.

*Standard data rates may apply.