Dann Mulder

About Dann Mulder

“I pride myself on providing a high-level of customer service. I’m an educator – not just a loan officer.”

The more you understand about the mortgage process, the more comfortable you’ll be with the decisions made. And that’s a benefit to you and your family.

I’m a native Grand Rapidian with over 27 years of lending experience, and with 20+ of those years focused on mortgages. While experience is of great value, it means little unless clients understand that I truly care about them and their transaction. Buying a home is an exciting time, and I work hard to make sure all goes smoothly.

LMCU has an unsurpassed suite of mortgage products that can meet virtually any need. I look forward to helping you choose and implement the perfect financing for your situation.

Let’s get this done!

Great low mortgage rates

Compared to traditional banks, you’ll pay less on your loan rate, less on your closing costs, and less in expenses over the life of the loan.

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