Service Fees

Service Fee Fee Changes
(starting 10/1/2022)
Account Closing
(new account within 90 days)
$5.00 No Change
Account Research $.50/item | $20.00/hr. No Change
Basic Business Checking No monthly fee
Includes 25 transactions/items.
Over 25 transactions/items $.45/ea.
No Monthly fee
Includes 50 transactions/items
Over 50 transactions/items $.50/ea.

Basic Checking
(For daily balances that fall below $300)
$5.00/mo. No Change
Bill Pay
(Free to members with Direct Deposit)
$5.95/mo. No Change
Business Checking $10.00/mo.
Includes 150 transactions/items -$10.00/mo.
Over 150 transactions/items $.40/ea.
Includes 250 transactions/items -$10.00/mo.
Over 250 transactions/items $.40/ea.
Monthly fee waived with monthly average balance of $10,000 or greater.
Business Plus Checking
(Includes 300 transactions/items 20.00/mo. | Over 300 transactions/items $.35/ea.)
$20.00/mo. | $.35/ea. No Change
Currency Service Fee for
Business Accounts
(Amounts greater than$20,000 0.10% fee)
No fee | 0.10% fee No Change
Cashier’s Checks $5.00/item No Change
Check Book Balancing $20.00/hr. No Change
Check Cashing for Non-Members $5.00/item No Change
Check Orders Varies by style No Change
Check Copy Fee $2.00 per copy No Change
Courtesy Pay $30.00/occurrence No Change
Debit Card Replacement Fee $5.00 No Change
Deferred Compensation Transfer to Another Financial Institution $35.00 No Change
Dormant Account
(Charged after six months without account activity)
$5.00/mo. No Change
Escheatment Fee $50.00/occurrence No Change
Garnishment/Levy $75.00/item No Change
Holiday Club Fee
(For each withdrawal prior to maturity)
$3.00 No Change
HSA Transfer Fee $35.00 No Change
IMMA Excessive Transaction Fee
(in excess of 6 withdrawals or transfers/month)
$5.00/ea. No Change
Instant Checks (Sheet of 4) $2.00/ea. No Change
IRA Transfer to Another Financial Institution $35.00 No Change
Investor Checking
(For minimum daily balances <$2,500)
$10.00/mo. No Change
Money Orders $2.00/ea. No Change
Non-Proprietary ATM Fee $2.00 per transaction | $2.00 per inquiry No Change
Non-Relationship Account
(Account balances under $300 in the 00 account suffix with no other account relationship. Members who are 23 and younger are exempt)
$5.00/mo. No Change
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)
Returned Check/Debit Card
$30.00/ea. No Change
Overdraft from Line of Credit $5.00 No Change
Returned Item Fee $10.00/item No Change
Statement Copies $5.00/ea. No Change
Stop Payments
(Single & Series)
$30.00/ea. No Change
Telephone Transfer
(Phone Banking is free)
$1.00/ea. No Change
Visa Gift Card $4.95 No Change

Pay Card Savings

Service Fee
Teller-Assisted Cash Withdrawal $1.00/ea.
Service Fee $10.00/mo
Account Closure Fee $5.00

Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental

Service Fee
3 x 5 $35.00
5 x 5 $45.00
3 x 10 $45.00
5 x 10 $65.00
7 x 10 $85.00
10 x 10 $105.00

Wire Transfers

Service Fee
Domestic Outgoing $25.00/wire
International Outgoing $50.00/wire
Domestic Incoming $10.00/wire
International Incoming $15.00/wire