You’re really going to like it here.

Lake Michigan Credit Union isn't better because we're bigger, we're bigger because we're better.

We're all in this together.

Lake Michigan Credit Union is fundamentally different than a bank, both in our structure and mission. Our goal has always been to do what is best for our members. This approach guides every decision we make and every service we offer.

Earn more. Pay less.

As a credit union, our goal isn’t to generate profits for shareholders. It’s to improve the lives of our members. That's why LMCU is rated #1 in the nation for Return of Member by Callahan & Associates – that means we give back more to our members in the form of higher rates when they save and lower rates when they borrow.

At LMCU, the emphasis on delivering real value to our members has been job one, since day one.

LMCU is for everyone.

When we say 'membership,' some people think there’s some kind of test, or that joining is difficult. Actually, becoming a member is incredibly easy, and almost everyone has what it takes to join. You don't have to belong to any specific industry, company or organization to join LMCU.

Save time banking. Spend time with the truly valuable.

Time is money. But more importantly, time is time. We offer three convenient ways to bank so that you can spend less time managing your money, and more time with the people you love spending it on. Bank mobile*, bank online, and bank around your schedule with LMCU.

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There's real strength in our numbers.

Credit unions share a common approach, but we're different than other credit unions. We have over half a million members who trust us with over twelve billion of their dollars. We have a far more robust suite of personal, insurance and business services, technology and career opportunities than most credit unions. From lives and homes to businesses and livelihoods, we help our members grow and protect what’s important to them.

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We believe in being good neighbors.

Our members trust us with their homes, earnings, and futures. We take that trust very seriously. At Lake Michigan Credit Union, we work to help businesses grow, neighborhoods thrive, and to make our communities even better places in which to live and work.

LMCU in the Community

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