We’re proud of our past, thrilled with our present, and couldn’t be more excited about our future.

Now in our 80th year, Lake Michigan Credit Union has become the largest financial institution headquartered in West Michigan, and is also its largest mortgage provider. With 36 branch offices and 92 ATMs, fully 1 in 6 residents in West Michigan has a financial relationship with us.

Anyone can join LMCU!

A lot of folks still don’t know that they can join LMCU and open an account. The fact is, anyone who lives, works or worships anywhere in Michigan’s lower peninsula can do business with us. Anyone.

We aren’t better because we’re big. We’re big because we’re better.

As a credit union, LMCU is a nonprofit institution, owned by its members. We have no corporate stock holders. We are accountable directly to our members, and they directly share in our success – benefitting by lower and fewer fees, better savings and checking interest rates, lower cost mortgages and a host of other advantages that simply don’t exist at traditional banks.

Our core philosophy.

It’s about always doing what’s best and right for our members. It guides everything we do. From friendly, knowledgeable tellers who greet you by name, to offering stellar value at every turn, LMCU works for its members. We are proud to be a catalyst for growth in West Michigan, offering a comprehensive suite of financial products and services, as well as the very latest in online and mobile banking technologies.

Come join us!

We’ve grown in ways none of us could have imagined. And much of that success is due to positive, inspiring “word of mouth.” Just ask your friends and neighbors about us to find out why LMCU is the best place for your money!

Anyone can open an account, so join today. Call, click or visit any LMCU branch location.


Sandy Jelinski
Lake Michigan Credit Union