Online Banking

  • Access Online Banking

    • You can login to Online Banking by visiting and clicking on 'Online Banking Login' in the top right-hand corner.

      If you are an existing user please enter your current username and click log In to access your account. You will then be prompted to enter your password.

      First time users must register first:

      1. Click ‘Sign Up' below the username box.
      2. Select one of the three options displayed
      3. Review the Online Banking Agreement and Disclosures and check the box to accept and continue
      4. Enter the information requested*

      The next steps will be to choose a username and password and set up your Personal Image. If you have multiple accounts you will need to choose a different Username for each account. You do not have to set up a new User ID for each checking and/ or savings you have inside that account number.

      *Information is for the primary owner on the account.

      Account number has to be the short version, not the full 12-digit version.

      If you do not know your account number, please visit the nearest branch location or call our Member Services Department at (616 or 800) 242-9790.
  • Change Online Banking Username, Password or Security Image

    • Your password, username and security image can be changed by logging in to Online Banking and going to the ‘Profile’ tab, then clicking on 'User Profile' .

      If you do not remember your current username and/or password, you can visit any of our branch locations.
  • Correct user ID & password but unable to log in

    • If you are entering the correct username and/or password but are unable to login: 1. Make sure your CAPS lock or NUM lock are not on. Passwords are case sensitive. 2. If your browser has saved your username or password, try deleting the saved information and enter it manually. 3. Your account may be locked due to too many invalid login attempts. For assistance, please use the "unlock your account" link located in the login panel at the top of, or contact our Member Services Department (616 or 800) 242-9790.

  • I am locked out of Online Banking

    • To unlock your account, you can click on "Unlock your account" under "Locked out?". You can also visit the nearest branch location or contact our Member Services Department (616 or 800) 242-9790. 

  • I have to enter an access code at each login

    • If you have selected that the device you are logging in with is private, you would not be asked to verify each time you login. If you selected that you are logging in on a public device, you would be asked to verify each login.

      Here are other reasons that you would be asked for an access code:

      -Your browser has cookies turned off (cookies must be enabled for our system to recognize your device as private). During the last step of the authentication process we place a cookie on the device that you are using to tie you to that device. If you have cookies turned off, we cannot place the cookie on your device which in turn invalidates the “linking” of you to the device (essentially treating the device as a “Public” device instead)

      -Cookies are being deleted after each login. Because we use cookies to authenticate your device, deleting cookies will continue to prompt for an access code as our system does not recognize that device

      -Cookies have a 1 year lifespan, once expired, the system has to re-authenticate you

      -Account specific actions such as changing a password, username, or getting locked out of online banking
  • My security image is different

    • If your security image is different than what you selected, please go back to the login screen and attempt to login again. Chances are that your username was entered incorrectly.

      If your image is still incorrect, after verifying your correct username, please contact us at (800 or 616) 242-9790.
  • Old page stuck in cache

    • Your browser saves a copy of Web pages you access in a special folder called a cache. Sometimes an older version of the Log In page is still in the cache and your browser does not load the new page when you try to log in. Try emptying your cache. (See your browser help for instructions on emptying the cache or clearing the history.) Then close and reopen your browser and try logging in again.

      To clear your cache in Internet Explorer:
      -Under the Tools menu (Gear Icon), select Internet Options.
      -Select the General tab. 
      -In the Temporary Internet Files section, click Delete Files. Click OK in the pop-up box.
      -In the History section, click Clear History. Click OK in the pop-up box.
      -Click OK on the main Internet Options screen.
      -Close your browser and then restart.

      Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11 (Win) - Clearing Cache and Cookies
      - Select Tools (via the Gear Icon) > Safety > Delete browsing history.... ... 
      - Make sure to uncheck Preserve Favorites website data and check both Temporary Internet Files and Cookies then click Delete.
      - You will get a confirmation at the bottom of the window once it has successfully cleared your cache and cookies.
  • Personal Image in Online Banking

    • During the Online Banking registration process you are asked to choose a personal image as part of a new security feature. Your Personal Image is a security feature that lets you verify that you are logging on to our legitimate site and not an imitation site designed by a criminal. Whenever you log in to our site, your Personal Image and the name you gave it will be displayed. If you can see your image, your connection has been verified and you may enter your password to access your accounts. If you do not see your image, do not enter your password, and contact us immediately.
  • System unavailable

    • Occasionally we take our system offline to process month-end or for updates. We will place a notice at the top of our page letting you know when we will be offline. If you attempt to login during that time, you may experience issues or have limited abilities inside of Online Banking.
  • Web browser version or settings

    • To use our online service we recommend that you use one of the browsers below. Some areas of our site may require the use of Java or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Other browsers and operating systems may work effectively; however, we do not test against them and therefore your experience may vary. We regularly monitor and test browsers to ensure the highest security standards.

      We support the two most recent versions of the following browsers:

      Microsoft Windows:

      -Microsoft Edge
      -Google Chrome
      -Mozilla Firefox

      Mac OS: