• Adding Borrowers

    • While no one can be added to a loan after it has closed, you can contact Mortgage Services at (844) 754-6280 to authorize an additional person to discuss the loan.
  • Bi-weekly and Partial Payments

    • Any partial payments that you make are not applied to your mortgage, but instead are held in a separate suspense account. If you pay the remaining balance of a partial payment, the funds will then be applied to your mortgage. Suspense funds/partial payments are subject to return.

  • Late Fees

    • A late fee will be assessed if a payment has not been received 15 days after the due date of your loan.
  • LIBOR Index Change

    • We are here to help you understand and prepare for changes that will affect your current adjustable-rate mortgage.

      The LIBOR index, which is used to determine the interest rate charged for some adjustable rate loans, may no longer be available as of June 2023. This will affect some loans and lines of credit that use the LIBOR index in order to determine interest rate.

      We are working with regulators and consumer advocacy organizations to move existing accounts from LIBOR to another index in a way that is fair and transparent.

      What this means for you:

      • If your adjustable-rate mortgage is based on the LIBOR index, a new index will be assigned to your loan at your first-rate adjustment after June 2023.
      • Starting in August 2020, new adjustable-rate mortgages no longer use the LIBOR index.

      For more information, please refer to the LIBOR Index FAQ.

  • Mortgage Payment Calculator

    • We have a variety of payment calculators on our Loan Calculators page, find the mortgage specific ones under the Home section.

  • Mortgage Rates

  • Mortgagee Clause for Your Insurance Policy

    • If you have a mortgage, you will need to provide your insurance carrier our mortgagee clause below along with your loan number.

      Mortgagee Clause: Lake Michigan Credit Union, ISAOA/ATIMA, PO Box 1978, Carmel, IN 46082

  • Name Change

    • Name change documentation (such as a marriage license) must be submitted with a written request to [email protected]. If additional services are needed, please call Mortgage Services at (844) 754-6280.
  • Payment Options

      • In person by visiting any branch location
      • Online through the Online Banking Mortgage Servicing Portal by navigating to the Payments menu and selecting Make A Payment
      • Enrolling in recurring automatic payments within the Online Banking Mortgage Servicing Portal
      • Over the phone by calling Mortgage Services at (844) 754-6280 (Note: a charge will apply)
      • By mailing your payment to:
        PO Box 3638
        Grand Rapids, MI 49501
  • Payoff Statement

    • There are multiple ways to obtain a payoff statement:

      Note: Requests from third parties must be accompanied by appropriate borrower’s authorization

  • Providing Proof of Insurance

    • Whether you have recently changed insurance providers or need to provide proof of your existing coverage, you can now simply visit to securely upload a copy of your homeowner’s or flood insurance declarations page(s).  For additional information

      about using this site, navigate to and click “Support” at the top right hand corner of the screen.

  • Tax/Interest Forms

    • 1098 Mortgage Interest Statements are mailed by the end of January the following year.

      • For post-2018 1098 Mortgage Interest Statements: Log in to the Online Banking Mortgage Servicing Portal, navigate to Account Management, and select Document Center.  Select Taxes to view available 1098 Mortgage Interest Statements.
      • For 1098 forms prior to 2018: please contact Mortgage Services at (844) 754-6280 or [email protected]

Online Servicing

  • Additional Escrow/Principal Payments


      To make additional escrow or principal payments within the Online Banking Mortgage Servicing Portal, navigate to the Payments menu and select Make An Additional Payment. From there, indicate which type of payment you would like to make.

  • Mortgage Statements

    • To view a copy of your mortgage statement within the Online Banking Mortgage Servicing Portal, navigate to Account Management, select Document Center, and then select Billing.

  • One Time Payments

    • Within the Online Banking Mortgage Servicing Portal, navigate to the Payments menu and select Make A Payment.

  • Statement Delivery Preferences

    • To stop receiving statements in the mail and enroll in eStatements, navigate to Account Management within the Online Banking Mortgage Servicing Portal and then select Document Center. Under Delivery Preferences, choose paperless statements and click “Let’s do this!”

  • View Balance, Activity, and History

    • To view your current balance (principal and/or escrow), loan activity, or payment history within the Online Banking Mortgage Servicing Portal, navigate to the My Loan menu.